Ride a BMW, V-Strom or Indian from Anchorage to Portland or Long Beach for as little as $50/day!

The Alaska riding season is coming to an end soon, which means we have inventory authorized for discounted one-way rentals from our Anchorage facility down the Alaska-Canada Highway to either Portland or Long Beach. This is your chance to ride through Alaska, Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest, California and more! You just have to make sure to get the bike to its destination before the window ends. Rental rates start at just $50/day and standard rental terms and conditions apply.

If you are interested in booking a transporter special:

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Transporters are booked on a first come, first served basis. Please do not call our offices to request a transporter as all requests must be submitted online.

Once booked, the possibilities are endless! Here are 7 photos for inspiration.

1.You’ll have at least 11 days to make your way to your destination, so you might as well use the opportunity to see some of the Alaskan wilderness while you’re here.
11 Days to Alaska_MQ

2.Venture east into the Yukon Territory for more splendid riding through unadulterated wilderness.

3. Continue south through British Columbia and pop into Alberta for an incredible ride between the mountain towns of Jasper and Banff.

4.Riding in the Pacific Northwest is nothing short of breathtaking.

5.Beautifully maintained roads and little-to-no traffic make for great exploration.

6.Ride by the infamous Mount St. Helens on your way down towards Portland.
Mt. St. Helens

7.Continue making your way south and make stop at the Redwood National and State Parks in Northern California.

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