We often hear the question, “What sets MotoQuest apart from other motorcycle tour operations?” Some say it’s the charm and good looks of our fearless guides, but there’s more to it than that. Each MotoQuest trip is unique, of course, but on our India “Touch the Sky” Adventure in particular we go the extra mile to ensure that our riders have the best possible experience.

1. Safety and Well-Being

Our #1 priority on any guided adventure is the safety and well-being of our riders. We automatically enroll every participant in Global Rescue and we always carry a satellite phone, meaning medical expertise is just a phone call away should someone get injured or ill. Global Rescue takes over and handles all of the logistics, doing what’s necessary to get you home safe. The extra peace of mind goes a long way for not just our riders but their families, too. And because we travel through some extremely remote areas of Northern India, we have a certified paramedic in the support truck just in case.

Inida Rider Road Sign

2. Equipment – Not all Enfields are created equal

We only use late-model upgraded Royal Enfields with low mileage on this trip. Many Royal Enfields you’ll find in India use drum brakes and have reversed controls, but all of the bikes we use are upgraded to disc brakes and have westernized controls, so you can just hop on and ride. Sure, it’s not a brand new BMW with every bit of comfort and technology engineered into it, but by the end of the first day of riding everyone agrees that this motorcycle only enhances the experience.

India Group View

3. Support Crew

Every MotoQuest guided adventure is accompanied by a support truck with a mechanic, tools and common parts for roadside fixes. Since our India tour gets out into some extremely remote areas, we’ve planned for everything and have bolstered the support staff. In India you’ll be led by local guide Anu and a MotoQuest guide. Anu has been leading our trips for years; we couldn’t ask for a better guide. The support truck is staffed with a driver, a mechanic and a paramedic.

India Truck Bikes

4. The Route

This is by no means a tour of India’s populous city centers. A majority of this trip is spent on lonely mountain roads, passing by villages so small and remote you wonder how anyone can survive there. In the desolate Spiti Valley you might encounter some nomadic shepherds, a fellow traveler here and there. The locals offering goods and services will be excited to see travelers. You will climb the Himalayas and touch the sky, traversing the highest motorable passes in the world. The luscious Nubra Valley is like an oasis, adjacent to desert sand dunes and camel rides. Visit ancient sacred places like the Alchi Monastery, founded around 1000 B.C. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

India Mountains Sky

5. All-Inclusive

Because we spend so much of this trip way out in the middle of nowhere, we’ve made it all inclusive. That means all gasoline and all meals are included in the tour price. You’ll still have the opportunity to spend money on additional food and beverages and souvenirs, but we take care of the basics. Less to worry about, less to plan for, easier to stay in the moment and soak it all in.

India Group Food Table

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