Every MotoQuest adventure is unique. Cuisine, local customs, climate, geological features and landscapes, road conditions, points of interest — there are countless factors that all play a part in shaping the experience for MotoQuest riders. But at the core of it all is motorcycling. This is one thing that MotoQuest and all of its riders have in common, the topic we can most easily bond over. And while we may not all be fanatical MotoGP fans, or make a point to go to our nearest Supercross race each season, there is something special about witnessing these motorcycle races and events firsthand.

Front row seats at the Isle of Man TT during practice week

What is it about watching someone hurtle around a racetrack as fast as they can that stirs so many emotions? Is it imagining ourselves in their position, where one small mistake can lead to the gravest of consequences? Is it our inherent desire to compete, to win, to lay claim to the title of champion? Is it the pride of nations, or perhaps manufacturers?

They call it the Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye for a reason.

This week we take a look at four MotoQuest Adventures and the amazing motorcycle events that make them simply extraordinary experiences on two wheels.

Isle of Man TT

Featured on our Isle of Man and Wales Adventure  |  May 25 – June 6, 2018

If you were to travel back in time to the Isle of Man in 1907, you would witness the beginnings of what would come to be the world’s most dangerous motorcycle event: the Isle of Man TT. Back then, riders would make their way around the course at average speeds of 40mph. More than a century later, the continual innovation and technology in building and racing motorcycles has pushed average speeds up over 130 mph, with top speeds recorded over 200 mph!

What makes the time-trial format event world famous is not how fast the racers go, but the courses on which they do it. Riders make their death-defying runs on country roads that weave in and out of villages with spectators, trees, and houses lining the course.

Nothing can prepare you for your first fly-by!

The MotoQuest Isle of Man and Wales Adventure includes five days on the island during practice week. The group will get to ride the Mountain Course (not at race speeds!) and will watch the race from some spectacular and exclusive vantage points along the way. This race has turned into a true motorcycle festival, so there will be no shortage of things to do during your time here, from visits to the local motorcycle museum to exploring the race paddocks.

Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye

Featured on our Romaniacs Experience  |  Custom Groups Only

Few event names describe the mental state of those who are participating, but that’s exactly what Martin Freinademetz was going for when he created the Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro Rallye in 2004. Each year riders from more than 40 countries descend on Sibiu, Romania to partake in the 600-kilometer race held over several days of the most challenging courses imaginable. The inner city prologue demands effort and strength as riders are forced to negotiate their bikes over seemingly impassable obstacles, while the off-road days take riders on breathtaking enduro trails through the Carpathian Mountains. Simply put, this event was clearly created by a maniac, for maniacs.

The inner city prologue demands effort and strength as riders are forced to negotiate their bikes over seemingly impassable obstacles, while the off-road days take riders on breathtaking enduro trails through the Carpathian Mountains. Simply put, this event was clearly created by a maniac, for maniacs.

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Scenes from the Prologue in downtown Sibiu

The MotoQuest Romaniacs Experience offers riders five full days in Sibiu, Romania to witness the prologue portion of the event, venture out for day rides on roads like the Transfaragarasan, or enjoy the remarkable Romanian hospitality. All the while your native Romanian guide, MotoQuest’s own Ovi Puia, will educate you about much more of this country’s history than the well-known Dracula of Transylvania and Vlad the Impaler.

Romania motorcycle tour, Romania, Motorcycle Tour, Adventure, Romaniacs, Red Bull, Transfagarasan

Curves for days on the Transfaragarasan!

Motul Grand Prix of Japan

Featured on our Japan MotoGP Adventure  |  October 15 – 27, 2018

The Grand Prix. In many ways, this is the cream of the crop of motorcycle racing. Extremely technical courses raced on by absolute masters of their craft aboard the most technologically advanced motorcycles. MotoGP is fast, MotoGP is a global powerhouse, MotoGP is for all the marbles! The first Japanese Grand Prix was held at the Suzuka Circuit in 1963, but the Motegi Twin Ring Circuit has been a mainstay on the MotoGP calendar since 1999.

Motorcycling is a big deal in Japan, and manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki make the country one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycles in the world. Now one of three Japan trips we run, the MotoQuest Japan MotoGP Adventure offers riders a wonderful balance of scenic riding, welcoming locals, and of course some world class motorcycle racing!

Our first of two days at the Motegi Twin Ring provides a chance to watch qualifying runs, walk the paddock, or visit the onsite Honda Collection. On day two we watch the main events. Last year our grandstand seats gave us a fantastic view of the exciting finish between Marc Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso!

Burt Munro Challenge

Featured on our New Zealand Scouting Trip  |  February 2019

If you are a fan of motorcycle movies, then you have probably seen The World’s Fastest Indian. Anthony Hopkins portrayed New Zealander Burt Munro, a sort of folk hero among kiwi motorcyclists for his mechanical ingenuity and for setting a number of land speed records. Following the success of the movie, the Southland Motorcycle Club created the Burt Munro Challenge to honor the man and to celebrate motorcycling in New Zealand. Now in its 13th year, the event has become the largest motorcycle rally in the southern hemisphere.

Riders on our February 2019 New Zealand Scouting Trip will get to attend part of the rally and witness the variety of races firsthand. Riders from around New Zealand and beyond partake in beach races, supermoto street races, speedway races, hill climbs, drag races, and circuit races. If the non-stop race action is not enough for you, there will be food and beverage vendors as well as nightly entertainment. Not to mention you will get to ride around the incredibly beautiful South Island.

This photo of Burt is from the Burt Munro Challenge Facebook page.

This trip is not yet available for booking, but stay tuned for more information coming soon!