Clay in India

December 3, 2023By Phil Freeman

Clay’s India Dispatches   Dispatch I – Welcome to India! Dispatch II – It’s a Great Big World Here Dispatch III – The Spit Dispatch IV – The Glamping Ends Dispatch V – We’ve Got a Man Down! Dispatch Epilogue – Glamping is Back!    

MotoQuest’s COVID-19 Healthy Touring Policies & COVID-19 Tour Cancellation Accommodations

March 8, 2023By Brenden Anders

MotoQuest’s COVID-19 Healthy Touring Policies & COVID-19 Tour Cancellation Accommodations Added and effective Nov 1st, 2020. Discontinued March 8th, 2023 NOTE: The following terms remain on our Terms & Conditions as reference only for those guests that signed up prior to the discontinuation date of March 8th, 2023.  MotoQuest understands how stressful the current conditions … Read More

2021 Transporters through Canada

August 13, 2021By Brenden Anders

MotoQuest is excited to offer our one-way, end-of-season transporters for the first time since 2019. We are fortunate that the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has given us a reasonable path forward via their “Fully Vaccinated Traveller Exemption” to be able to offer these exciting relocation opportunities. MotoQuest is going to do our part to … Read More

Cover ground from California to Colorado

May 11, 2021By Brenden Anders

Today Phil Freeman, MotoQuest Founder & Lead Guide, shares fresh memories of two contrasting yet complimentary itineraries you might want to consider riding back to back. We always try to make it easy for riders to extend their ride. Why not, if the road is calling, and time is nodding its head? This is why … Read More

What is a Rider Board?

May 4, 2021By Brenden Anders

Can anyone ever have enough motorcycle friends? We don’t think so. There’s nothing like traveling by motorcycle to form a bond between folks who began a trip as complete strangers, and by the end of the journey have a slew of inside jokes, “You had to be there” stories, and are making plans for their … Read More

Explore the Backroads of Colorado

April 27, 2021By Brenden Anders

MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman would like to tell you a bit about his experience scouting in Colorado last fall. It sounds cliche to be floating on gravel, standing on your pegs on a BMW GS, billowing through a tunnel of aspen foliage while you pan left to right, soaking up mountain peaks to rustic ranch … Read More

Following the Trail of Lewis & Clark

April 20, 2021By Brenden Anders

MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman is here to tell us a bit about the creation of our Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure. It was a labor of love to put together our Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure. After reading “Undaunted Courage” by Stephan E. Ambrose, I became curious about the landscapes that the Corps of Discovery traveled through. … Read More

Plan Your Pacific Northwest Getaway

April 13, 2021By Brenden Anders

The signs of Spring are all around the U.S. Pacific Northwest: cherry blossoms are in bloom, birds are chirping, and the curvaceous roads are calling! Our crew and motorcycles in Portland, Oregon are ready to enable your next two-wheeled adventure. Request Your Portland Motorcycle Rental What comes with your MotoQuest rental? Complimentary route consultation help … Read More