The 10 Dos and Don’ts of the Dalton

May 20, 2016By Phil Freeman

414 miles of frost-heaves, broken chip seal and grated dirt surfaces, the Dalton Highway has its challenges. On a good day, you can ride it wide open. On a bad day, you can go home in a helicopter. Every year motorcyclists are killed on the Dalton Highway. This road offers the rider the adventure gamut. … Read More

Check Out Christina Tkacs’ Article in ADVMoto

January 12, 2017By MotoQuest

ADVMoto Magazine contributor Christina Tkacs came to us last summer to get outfitted with a rental motorcycle. We set her and her riding partner up with one of the water-cooled BMW R 1200 GS’s out of the MotoQuest fleet and off they went to explore our great state on two wheels. Below is an excerpt from … Read More

Letters from Bolivia – Scouting Trip Diary Part 1

January 9, 2017By Phil Freeman

I have always been intrigued by the story of Che Guevara, that iconic communist revolutionary who started out on a motorcycle adventure through South America and ended up rocking the communist and democratic worlds in the 1960’s. His eventual demise in the mountains of a remote part of southern Bolivia propelled him to legend. After … Read More

MotoQuest On the Road – We’re Headed to Texas and Florida!

January 6, 2017By MotoQuest

It’s the so-called off-season of motorcycling, and while there is plenty to be done to prepare for upcoming guided tours, we’re getting ready to head out on the road. MotoQuest will be at Dallas IMS, and we’ve also set a few dates for presentations at motorcycle dealerships in Texas and Florida this month. We can’t … Read More

Touch The Sky in India – Stories from Our Riders

December 30, 2016By MotoQuest

This week we take a closer look at our India “Touch the Sky” Adventure. The words “motorcycle” and “India” together often paint a picture of crowded streets with chaotic intersections. While this is an accurate description of many cities in India, most of the riders we talk to are surprised to learn that our guided motorcycle … Read More

MotoQuest Gift Guide for the Adventure Motorcyclist

December 15, 2016By MotoQuest

We present to you a few of our favorite things, in hopes that they might enhance your motorcycling lifestyle. The holidays are upon us, and we here at MotoQuest have rounded up a few of our favorite things to share with our readers. Whether you’re shopping for a motorcyclist, or are yourself a motorcyclist, below … Read More

2017 MotoQuest Tours are Filling Up

December 1, 2016By MotoQuest

Don’t miss out on your chance to join us next year as we explore the world on two wheels. As the end of the year approaches we look ahead to some of the amazing places that MotoQuest groups will travel to in 2017. We are very excited for all the riders and MotoQuest guides that … Read More

PHOTOS: Connecting with Nature in Alaska

November 23, 2016By MotoQuest

Here in the States we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, and this year we are especially thankful for being able to explore the world around us by motorcycle. There are so many reasons to travel on two wheels, but one aspect we’d like to look at today is the connection to nature you’ll feel when … Read More

Now Booking: Honda Africa Twin Rentals

November 11, 2016By MotoQuest

The adventure motorcycle world has been buzzing, and waiting, and buzzing and waiting for ages over the new Honda Africa Twin. We’re very excited to announce that we are now booking rentals for this bike! If you’ve been itching to hop on the new Africa Twin and see what all the fuss is about, this … Read More