Taking The Road Less Traveled Pays Off Big in Baja

July 23, 2019By Next Level

  We are beyond privileged to explore a lot of wonderful places around the world, but one destination that never gets old is our exploration of the Baja Peninsula. It’s so wonderful, in fact, we have five trips a year comprising of three different itineraries Traveling up and down the 775-mile strip of land is … Read More

How The West Is Explored on Two Wheels

July 16, 2019By Next Level

There is a region that we at MotoQuest are always excited to introduce riders to and that is the amazing American Southwest. With two adventures – The American Southwest and Wonders of the West – that fully encompass all the area has to offer, riders can essentially take two trips back-to-back and have experienced a … Read More

Bucket List Adventures You Never Knew You Needed Happening This Fall

July 9, 2019By Next Level

The dog days of summer are officially here and if you find yourself daydreaming out the office window, it’s time to start planning your fall getaway! Lucky for you, there are several adventures to choose from based on what you are looking to experience. Whether you’ve thought about going or are seeing these destinations for … Read More

History Comes To Life On The Trail of Lewis and Clark

July 2, 2019By Next Level

What do you think of when we say Lewis & Clark? Many would say early American explorers, but then don’t really know the incredible details behind their history-making expedition. What Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and their travel companions – dubbed “The Corps of Discovery” – accomplished at the turn of the 19th century paved the … Read More

Honda CB500X

June 25, 2019By Brenden Anders

Rent a Honda CB500x motorcycle from MotoQuest to explore Patagonia. We offer Honda CB 500X motorcycles for our Patagonia motorcycle tours.

Last Call for Patagonia End of the Earth Adventure

June 25, 2019By Next Level

The incredible topography of the Southern Hemisphere begs for riders to enjoy an adventure on two wheels throughout one of the world’s most incomparable landscapes. In South America, one region in particular is packed so full of adventure and beauty that we had to create two different experiences. Patagonia – a region shared by Chile … Read More

New Zealand – The Ultimate Kiwi Adventure

June 4, 2019By Next Level

New Zealand has gained a reputation among travelers as a trip of a lifetime. The landscape is one that is often described as “you have to see it for yourself” and MotoQuest now offers its motorcycle soulmates that very opportunity. As you can expect, when we add a destination to the MotoQuest roster we plan an itinerary that is more unique than … Read More

Luang Prabang, Laos: A Journey to the City You’ll Never Want to Leave

May 28, 2019By Next Level

There are plenty of adventures that are appealing to the two-wheeled adventurer, but Thailand and Laos don’t often make it to the top of the list. For some, it’s just enough of a mystery that distance is kept from the Asian nations and never explored. MotoQuest is known for handpicking its destinations that fit certain criteria, ensuring each adventure includes incredible riding and … Read More