RoKo (Robyn Kocienski, if you insist) was a "late bloomer" in the realm of motorcycling. Sometime in her early 30's, she had her first motorcycle-passenger experience.. and hated it. The operator said, "Well, take the MSF course and learn how to ride!" So, she did just that.

These days, RoKo gets her jollys by taking off for months at a time to ride, camp and explore with whatever motorcycle she can get her hands on. Her weekends in Alaska are no joke, either. Those long summer days mean this gal is covering lots of ground from the moment she clocks out on Friday until she's back at her desk on Monday.
MotoQuest Staff Info
Name: Robyn Kocienski
Role: Motorcycle Vacation Addiction Enabler
Quote: I can't miss you if you're here.
Email: [email protected]
Hometown: Jersey City
Current Location: Wherever the herd of MotoQuest bikes are congregating.
Destinations Traveled by Motorcycle: US, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Cambodia
Favorite Motorcycle Experience: Riding and camping on the beaches of Baja, Mexico
Worst Motorcycle Experience: Riding sideways in the wind for 350 miles on I-90
Languages Spoken: English, Aprendiendo Español
Motorcycles Owned: Honda CM250, GL500, NC700X, Suzuki DR650
Favorite Motorcycle: DR650.. with an upgraded seat
Tours Guided: Array
Expertise: Long distance motorcycle touring, public speaking, motorcycle rental facilitation.