Masakazu Hirata is from the city of Okayama, Japan. He is a member of the Flat Twin Club of Japan - a BMW-specific motorcycle club with members from all over Japan. He and his riding buddies have been discovering the best riding throughout southern Japan for over 40 years! He is instrumental is designing routes and finding unique places to stay for our Japan tour. He also guides the Japan tour, and is very adept at picking the best riding. He can even read the signs! He is the type of rider that does not need much, just a road in front of him. He will show up rain or shine. He is truly a riding junky. Come with us to Japan, and you will also discover that he is Karaoke king!
MotoQuest Staff Info
Name: Masakazu Hirata
Role: Guide
Quote: Windy? Riding in a typhoon is windy
Hometown: Okayama City, Japan
Current Location: Okayama City, Japan
Destinations Traveled by Motorcycle: Japan, Alaska, "Lower 48", Switzerland, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina
Favorite Motorcycle Experience: Riding, period.
Worst Motorcycle Experience: Having to stop riding
Languages Spoken: Japanese, Karaoke
Motorcycles Owned: 63 BMW R100 Side Car, '02 BMW 1150GS, '03 BMW 1100
Favorite Motorcycle: BMW....anything!
Tours Guided:
Expertise: Karaoke Master, Long-time motorcycle rider (over 45 years!)