John has been riding even since before he could remember. An avid off-road racer, John just loves what riding brings to him: speed, danger, and satisfaction. John is a great rider, good mechanic and fun riding companion. He is a guide for us at MotoQuest. If you need anything in the Seattle, Washington area that has to do with adventure motorcycles, then John is your guy.
MotoQuest Staff Info
Name: John Isenberg
Role: Guide
Email: [email protected]
Hometown: San Diego, California
Current Location: Duvall, Washington
Destinations Traveled by Motorcycle: Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Greece, Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona, Argentina and Chile
Favorite Motorcycle Experience: Racing The Baja 1000
Worst Motorcycle Experience: Broken down in the middle of the Nevada desert 1/2 way through a 9 day ride.
Languages Spoken: English, a little Spanish and even less French
Motorcycles Owned: First was a 1975 Honda Elsinore 125, there have been many since.
Favorite Motorcycle: KTM 525
Tours Guided:
Expertise: Expert Off Road Racer, Rally Navigator, Photographer and all around nice guy.