Dan has been guiding for MotoQuest since 2004. He started riding motorcycles at the age of 10. He grew up riding single track trails in Northern Michigan to later participate in the 6 Days of Michigan Enduro Ride. As a profession, Dan worked as a US Forest Service Ranger. His duty was off road riding his Government issued Honda XR250 on Enduro trails, enforcing National Forest Service laws. As a trained EMT, he used this training in remote locations for numerous ATV and OHV accidents. Dan has a unique wanderlust for motorcycle adventures and dirt riding. He is most at home when he is on tour because he loves exploring and sharing new adventures with MotoQuest's guests.
MotoQuest Staff Info
Name: Dan Patino
Role: Guide
Quote: Life is finite, happiness is infinite
Email: [email protected]
Hometown: Cadillac, MI
Current Location: Near Golden, CO
Destinations Traveled by Motorcycle: Western US, Alaska
Favorite Motorcycle Experience: My first ride on my first motorcycle
Worst Motorcycle Experience: Getting almost hit by lightning during a hail storm
Languages Spoken: English
Motorcycles Owned: Honda XR400, Honda Shadow 750, KLR 650
Favorite Motorcycle: Kawasaki KLR650
Tours Guided: Array
Expertise: Guiding For MQ since 2004