Ben has been working as a guide for MotoQuest since 2006. He rides a Ducati to work, and an adventure bike at work. He is an EMT, easy going, and always fun to have on the road. Back at the shop, Ben is known for having a work ethic. (Which makes the rest of us look real bad.) He is tireless on the road, and a good man to have around in case things don't go as planned.
MotoQuest Staff Info
Name: Ben Habecker
Role: Mechanic and Guide
Quote: Rock-On, Dude.
Email: [email protected]
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Current Location: Girdwood, Alaska
Destinations Traveled by Motorcycle: US, Canada, Peru
Favorite Motorcycle Experience: Riding Peru, Wow! what an amazing place!
Worst Motorcycle Experience: Colorado motorcycle crash-skidding is easy but not fun.
Languages Spoken: English (sub-fluent Spanish)
Motorcycles Owned: Ducati 996, Honda CL360SS, Hypermotard 1100SA, Monster 620, Katana 600, Bandit 600, Shadow 600, Rebel 250, KM100
Favorite Motorcycle: The one with 2 wheels!
Tours Guided:
Expertise: EMT, Ski Patrol, Ambulance Medic, River Rafting, River Kayaking, Rock Climbing guide, log fuel technician