One Country, Three Motorcycle Adventures

May 9, 2018By Brenden Anders

Over the last few years, Japan has become one of the most popular MotoQuest destinations, and for good reason! There is a certain appeal to riding in Japan that makes each of our three unique trips worthy of any motorcyclist’s bucket list. Maybe it’s the warm and welcoming hospitality of the locals, or the incredible … Read More

Stepping Back in Time The History of Thailand, Laos, and our Golden Triangle Scouting Trip

May 4, 2018By Brenden Anders

Every once in a while, a MotoQuest adventure comes along that takes riders through multiple countries. There are typically some subtle differences in culture, food, or dialect after crossing the border, but one trip in particular features some unusual diversity between neighboring countries: the Golden Triangle Scouting Trip. The two countries in question on this … Read More

Best of Hokkaido: RoadRunner Edition

January 4, 2018By Brenden Anders

With Photography by Luke Swab Nothing on earth quite compares to the beauty of Hokkaido, Japan. During our Hokkaido Explore Tour, riders experience the island that every Japanese motorcyclist dreams of riding. On our 2017 tour we had the pleasure of hosting journalist Luke Swab of RoadRunner magazine who came along for the ride. Swab … Read More

An American Icon: Riding Historic Route 66

November 10, 2017By Brenden Anders

For many motorcyclists, Route 66 is the one of the most sought after riding destinations along the west coast. MotoQuest is no stranger to this famous stretch of road, and so we’re taking a look at its rich history and discussing a few of our favorite sections! The History Behind this Historic Road U.S. Route … Read More

As Seen on ADV Pulse: 5 Must-Ride Mountain Passes in Alaska

April 7, 2017By Brenden Anders

Did you know that Phil Freeman moonlights as a contributor to one of our favorite adventure motorcycling websites? It started back in 2015 with a story about Phil’s Top 10 ride destinations in Alaska, and since then Phil has penned stories about the beauty of the American Southwest in Utah and a dozen motorcycle highlights on the Baja … Read More

The Simple Beauty of Vietnam and Laos

August 19, 2016By Brenden Anders

From time to time we all need to take a break, step back from our daily responsibilities, and escape for just a few minutes. We suggest taking a look at the photos below from our IndoChina Motorcycle Adventure, which takes riders on a two-week trek through Vietnam and Laos. We’ll let the images speak for … Read More

MotoQuest Japan Tour Featured in Rider Magazine

July 14, 2016By Brenden Anders

Rider Magazine writer Mark Tuttle joined us on our MotoQuest Japan Three Island Tour earlier this year and wrote a fantastic article about “The Real Japan.” Pick up the August 2016 issue and get a glimpse of this exotic motorcycle adventure. Here are a few excerpts: “This once-a-year MotoQuest tour is timed around the “sakura,” … Read More

Terms and Conditions

June 8, 2016By Brenden Anders

Renter requirements for a motorcycle rental Renters age must be 21 years of age or older Valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement International license acceptable provided rider is licensed for corresponding displacement motorcycle in home country Major Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) for Damage Security Deposit. Debit cards not accepted for Damage … Read More