Off-Season Rental Rates Now In Effect

October 4, 2018By MotoQuest

It’s official; autumn has arrived. As the days grow shorter, the leaves turn colors, and the temperatures begin to drop, we say goodbye to our Anchorage shop and migrate south for the winter. But for us here at MotoQuest, the changing of seasons brings with it more than just beautiful foliage and cooler days because … Read More

MotoQuest Rider Lee Hobart on Riding Japan

September 25, 2018By MotoQuest

Everyone seems to have at least one travel destination that dominates their daydreams and is perpetually at the top of their bucket list. For many motorcyclists, that place is Alaska. The Last Frontier holds a certain charm, and according to native Alaskan Lee Hobart, part of that charm is that “you can truly get lost … Read More

Custom Tours: the True Spirit of Adventure

September 11, 2018By MotoQuest

Long ago, MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman began taking intrepid motorcyclists on two-wheeled tours of his home state of Alaska. Armed with just a few bikes and a beat-up Subaru serving as a support vehicle, Phil showed riders from around the world the wonders of the Last Frontier. The sense of adventure was palpable. In the … Read More

Transporter Specials: One Rider’s Tale from the Road

August 6, 2018By MotoQuest

There’s something special about our Transporter deals. Maybe it’s the special reduced rental rates on a variety of ADV and Touring motorcycles. Or maybe it’s the opportunity to build your own motorcycle adventure between two of our locations. Have we mentioned that the scenery along the West Coast is absolutely stunning, and provides a perfect … Read More

Exploring the Extremes in Patagonia

July 19, 2018By MotoQuest

Patagonia is a place of extremes. A ride through this region means a ride through various environments and landscapes, with dramatic rock formations dotting the horizon and massive glaciers feeding into majestic lakes. After all, this is the road to the end of the earth. But two destinations in particular stand out at opposite ends … Read More

The International MotoQuest Diet

June 19, 2018By MotoQuest

You are what you eat. This was originally a metaphor to describe the effects of diet on overall health and well-being, but before we slide into a debate about which diet is better and what kind of foods we should be eating, we’d like to put our own twist on the saying: If you are … Read More

2018 North to Alaska Day-by-Day with Ben Habecker

June 7, 2018By MotoQuest

Join guide Ben Habecker on this day-by-day photo gallery recounting his group’s journey on our 2018 North to Alaska Adventure! North To Alaska 2018: Day 1 on the road 291 miles from Portland, Oregon to Leavenworth, Washington We left the MotoQuest Shop in Portland this morning and headed East through the Columbia River Gorge. We … Read More