BMW R1200 RT

August 14, 2019By Brenden Anders

Rent a BMW R1200 RT motorcycle from MotoQuest and vacuum up some roads. MotoQuest offers late model BMW R1200 RT for hire from three of its four locations: Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; and Long Beach, California. With a BMW R1200 RT, a map, and some time, your adventure awaits.

Suzuki DL650 V-Strom

July 14, 2019By Brenden Anders

Rent a Suzuki DL650 V-Strom motorcycle from MotoQuest and find your road. MotoQuest offers late model Suzuki V-Strom 650s for hire from its four locations: Anchorage, Alaska, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California, and Long Beach, California. Explore the entire western portion of North America, from Alaska to Baja and everything in between. Alaska? Check. Canada? … Read More

Honda CB500X

June 25, 2019By Brenden Anders

Rent a Honda CB500X motorcycle from MotoQuest to explore Patagonia! We offer Honda CB500X motorcycles on our trips through Argentina and Chile.

Fall Adventure Guide

February 19, 2019By Brenden Anders

It has been a brutally cold winter for many of us here in the United States, and we have surely all been daydreaming about the day that we can get back out on the road on two wheels! Now is the perfect time to start making plans for your great Fall motorcycle adventure! This week … Read More

This is Why I Love these 2 Alaska Adventures!

February 6, 2019By Brenden Anders

The state with a motto of “North to the future” and the alpine forget-me-not as the state flower is the one I get the good fortune of sharing with motorcyclists from around the world. Riders come seeking dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife, and reminders that life is to be lived to the fullest, and in Alaska, … Read More

Little Known Facts: Peru Edition

January 24, 2019By Brenden Anders

Fact: Peru is home to some of the best paved motorcycle riding in the world. This may not be news to those of you who have followed us for a while, because we just can’t say enough good things about the paved riding in Peru! For those of you who are newer to the MotoQuest … Read More

PHOTOS: Mike Stoner’s North to Alaska Custom Adventure

January 14, 2019By Brenden Anders

In 1867, the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million. 100 years later, during the centennial anniversary of the purchase, the motto of “North to the Future” and was chosen to represent Alaska as a land of promise. In many ways, Alaska really is the last frontier of the United States, which is exactly … Read More

Kaizen: the Art of Constant Improvement

January 9, 2019By Brenden Anders

One of the most influential concepts in manufacturing to come out of World War II was the practice of continual incremental improvement. This practice found sure footing in post-war Japan and became known as “kaizen,” which is the Japanese word for “improvement.” Although it originated in America during the war, it was really made famous … Read More