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Ariel Krawczyk (Nickname: Ariel)

Ariel Krawczyk

Ariel Krawczyk (Kraw-Zick) is originally from the east coast of the U.S.A, but she has tumble-weeded her way around the world. To this, there is no end in sight. For her, adventure is just part of the daily diet. She has traveled extensively throughout the world including a two year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria.
She has also driven a bus professionally for Green Tortoise, and can regale you with a multitude of Burning Man hippy stories. Riding for her has not only been a passion, but a necessity.
She chooses a motorcycle over a car to commute to work. She started working for us as a guide on the road, and in the office at our Alaska shop.

Saving the world one motorcycle at a time.


Age: 35

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT USA

Current location: Long Beach, CA USA

Destinations Traveled by Motorcycle: Alaska, "Lower 48", Iceland, Baja

Favorite Motorcycle Experience: 4th through 6th gear!

Worst Motorcycle Experience: There are no bad motorcycle experiences

Languages Spoken Fluently: English, Bulgarian

Favorite Motorcycle: All

Experience/Expertise: Green Tortise Driver-5 years, Adult first aid/CPR, Peace Corps-Bulgaria, expert at putting tire chains on buses, road god.