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These are some of the references we have received from our riders over the years.

If I was allowed only one word, the rebel in me would say: outstanding, awesome, wonderful, far exceeded my wildest dreams and imagination, everything I had hoped for, the greatest adventure I’ve had since being in the infantry (and a lot kinder), magnificent, fantastic, and marvelous.

It was a source of comfort knowing that if anything happened to me, such as a flat tire, the chase van would eventually catch up to me.
Dan Fulkerson who went on Prudhoe Bay Motorcycle Adventure

My wife Pam and I have now completed 3 different tours with MotoQuest as solo riders. The End of the Earth tour in Patagonia, Alaska Northern Lights Adventure, and most recently the South Africa to Cape town and the western Cape region. In each trip MotoQuest gave far more in actual experience and personal adventure than one could ever attempt to explain on paper. What was promised in the tour was exceedingly "understated" in comparison to what we actually experienced and learned. In each tour the groups seemed to be hand picked for compatibility, and the experience and knowledge gained accompanied with complete abandonment of worry for anything can only be described as :"Epic". MotoQuest as a company is more like a group of friends you hope and expect to see along the road as often as possible. We have also met many new great people who are better friends because we have shared some of the best parts of life together on two wheels, and intend to do more of that in the future with them. There is no value I could consider worthy of what we have experienced, we can only say that it was the best choice we ever made by riding with MotoQuest.
Ron who went on South Africa Backroads Adventure

Just completed my third tour with this terrific company: South Africa! To say it was awesome is to not say enough. Each of the tours have been "the best of the best" (Patagonia: Argentina and Chile and Best of Alaska) with unique and outstanding meals and nightly stops at unique and 3, 4 or 5 star places, depending upon that part of the world. Always well-planned and beautiful rides with plenty of challenging riding. MotoQuest is highly ethical and works to provide the best possible opportunities for each rider but without any coddling! Always excellent personnel as trip leaders and in the backup truck for breakdowns. MotoQuest works with motorcycle rental companies which provide new or low mileage bikes in excellent condition and new tires on the longer trips. My husband and I have met many new friends and count MotoQuest personnel among them. I can only say: go for it!
P.S. I am a woman rider and will be 68 very soon! and plan to continue riding until.......
P. Spencer who went on South Africa Backroads Adventure

This was our 3rd adventure with MotoQuest (previous Alaska & Patagonia) and that speaks volumes - would not have returned to join them again if we were unhappy with their tours or how they do business in general. The S. Africa tour was top notch - official S African professional guide - Steve Thomas, who also "rides like the wind" (dirt or tar), route, lodging, food, EMT driven chase vehicle with our luggage and repair parts/spare bike, and MotoQuest rep (Brenden). The whole adventure was beyond "lekker" (Afrikan for Great)!!!
Roy & Paula Moore who went on South Africa Backroads Adventure

I can´t thank you all enough for a perfect 3 days of riding.
I could type for two hours to explain how much I enjoyed myself, but I won't.
There are only a few minor details that could be improved on for next time.

You MotoQuest guys showed me one the theeeeeee most fun (short) trips I've EVER been on. T H A N K S ! !
Joseph Bradley

Everything was GREAT on the 2014 Backcountry trip. The tour was well done, certainly exceeded my expectations. This was my first MC tour and definitely makes me want to do more. Domenic and Andy were great guides with a wealth of local knowledge and riding skills. The group was also very good riding companions as well as story tellers.
Bob Schell who went on Alaska Backcountry Explorer

Motoquest did an excellent job with all aspects of the 2014 Alaska Tour. Very enjoyable, the guides (Brenden and Jim) were knowledgeable of the terrain and attentive to the requests of riders, itinerary was flexible so as to accommodate skill levels of different riders, the other riders were no longer strangers at the end of the trip and I feel like I made some friends there. Excellent food and conversation every day.
Joe Colosi who went on Best of Alaska Motorcycle Tour

My overall experience was very positive from registering on-line to the tour itself. The MotoQuest staff is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. It's clear they all love their jobs and adventure motorcycling!
Glen Riley who went on Best of Alaska Motorcycle Tour

Great experience. Great group of people. Enjoyed Jim K. and Brenden A. as leaders. They went the extra mile (so to speak) to assure our trip was an enjoyable one.
Martha Cassidy who went on Best of Alaska Motorcycle Tour

I had a wonderful trip on the AK Back Country tour. I tell people it was intense and exhilarating and that is exactly what I was after. Dom and Andy were the perfect guides, they led us, taught us, took care of us, and most of all made everyone feel part of the group. I really did not expect the camaraderie that we developed and that was the icing on the cake! Great service! The pre and post dinner was awesome, did not think it was for me, but it really sealed the trip on both ends. I'll be riding with Motoquest again as soon as I can!
Rusty Yeager who went on Alaska Backcountry Explorer

Excellent staff, well organized and provided experience I would not have had without using Motoquest.
James Carlson who went on Alaska Backcountry Explorer

I had an excellent experience with MotoQuest on the recent Alaskan Backcountry Tour. It was exactly the kind of tour I like. And as I told Phil when I saw him upon return, I can't give enough credit to Andy and Dom, our guides. They are excellent at all aspects of the job and very impressive as individuals. They know exactly how to balance the whole act and are mentally and physically capable to do the job. Loved those guys and the whole experience.
Dean Goldblatt who went on Alaska Backcountry Explorer

Awesome adventure and an experience of a lifetime! Having a support vehicle and staff expertise eliminated apprehension and added immeasurable value! Prearranged lodging, food and gas allows the rider to focus on the ride not the details! This was my first tour but, definitely not my last!

Sharon Hunt who went on Alaska Women´s Motorcycle Tour

Excellent Peru ride planning. Expert guide in Ben Habecker. Alejandro is a very capable support staff member. Professionally done and still fun!
Excellent selection of very low mileage bikes.
Rich Pascuzzo who went on Peru Machu Picchu Adventure Motorcycle Tour

Excellent! Want to do another!
Fred (Ricky) Swanson who went on Prudhoe Bay Motorcycle Adventure

Top notch! Keep doing what you are doing!
Jerry Goodrich who went on Prudhoe Bay Motorcycle Adventure

Weekend Motorcycle Camping Ride: Awesome! If your tours are like our weekend trip! I'm in!
Matt Multz

Weekend Motorcycle Camping Ride: Great experience. Went on the Sequoia ride. Met some nice folks and we had great meals and accommodations. Goodway to get your touring feet wet.
Bill Grossett

Weekend Motorcycle Camping Ride: Perfection. Even the unexpected route changes were an additional dose of adventure. The biggest worry about these things is that beer or food will run out or the facilities will be nasty. No such problem on this trip. Keeping folks fed with fantastic home cooked meals is the best way to keep them happy. Also, the clean showers and bathrooms were very much appreciated. Everyone was all laughs and smiles the whole weekend.
David Chon

Weekend Motorcycle Camping Ride: It was fantastic!!! A great group of riders, great staff, great location, all of it was a blast.
Rick Coats

We had a fabulous trip with our great guide, Ben. I was hesitant at first about going to Peru, but it was wonderful. The roads were the best in the world. The scenery and culture we experienced were fantastic and we met the greatest new friends from all over the world!
Marty Sheets who went on Peru Machu Picchu Adventure Motorcycle Tour

Excellent, had a great time and would do it again
Robert Leigh

Great! I enjoyed my MotoQuest experience very much. The routes were well chosen, as were the accommodations. The guides and other riders were all people with whom I enjoyed visiting and getting to know. All in all I was very satisfied.
Tom Herdt

Phil and his crew ran an excellent tour! Our group had a great time and enjoyed every minute of our Alaskan adventure. I most appreciated Phil's passion for riding and his knowledge of the "off the beaten path" locations.
Jon Kirkpatrick

I have inquired about Alaskan motor cycle tours. The response was very quick and informative and also friendly. I look forward to riding with Motoquest at some point in the future.
Will Cockbain

Great! Exceeded all our expectations. Nichole did a great job.
Doug Whitaker

Overall, very good. Pre-trip communications, ect. (including swag bag) excellent compared to other tour operators I've experienced.
Jim Hunter

I had a very good experience with MotoQuest, because last year you brought me a substitute motor bike to Fairbanks within one night. This is the reason that I ordered the next Self-Guided Tour this June with you.
Rudolf Engelhorn

All three of my experiences with Motoquest have been spectacular! No complaints.
Kevin O'Shaughnessy

Overall, I found the staff to be very professional. Since Alaska is so beautifully huge, I will probably book another MotoQuest tour. I had a wonderful experience.
Paul Waggenspack who went on Best of Alaska Motorcycle Tour

Me and my group's experience was great. MQ arranged a self guided tour of the interior (Anc-Denali-Fairbanks,D Junction,Valdez and back to Anchorage) for us for a week 2 up. The accommodations MQ booked were perfect and just what we wanted for our 3 couples. The restaurant recommendations likewise were great and saved us time and probably a good deal of AlkaSelzer by not having to research the better places ourselves. Thanks MQ.
Mike Caskey

I had a good experience with Phil in Alaska.
Nothing since but am excited about doing India or Patagonia or something.
The web site is very good and if the rides are as good I will become a repeater forever.
George Geiser who went on Northern Lights Adventure Tour

MotoQuest was exceptional in every way. The rental experience was great, quick and very helpful. When I had the accident, I was able to see a side to Phil that hopefully everyone will be able to see at some point minus the wreck part. He was more concerned about my safty than the motorcycle which really meant alot.

Phil and MotoQuest, you have a customer for life. I promise not to wreck any more bikes. :) (Damn Motor Homes!)
Brian Oakes

My time in Alaska was in 2005, but I had a great time and the wee-strom I hired never missed a beat. The bike was well prepared and set up and ready to go when I arrived. I have been very keen to do guided tours (Japan looks great!) with MotoQuest and plan on doing so in the near future. I have also recommended MotoQuest many times, so I hope at least a few have followed this advice!
Brett Wilson

In 2006 I rented a KLR650 and I rode around Alaska for eight glorious days on my own and with a tent. I love riding motorcycles and I really wanted to see Alaska. I couldn`t get enough time away from work to ride my bike all the way to Alaska, so Alaska Rider Tours (MotoQuest) was the perfect answer to my problem. They were very helpful and courteous.
Kyle Wright

Great! I enjoyed my MotoQuest experience very much. The routes were well chosen, as were the accommodations. The guides and other riders were all people with whom I enjoyed visiting and getting to know. All in all I was very satisfied.
Tom Herdt who went on North to Alaska Motorcycle Adventure

Overall, MotoQuest has been very good. Pre-trip communications, ect. (including swag bag) excellent compared to other tour operators I've experienced.
Jim Hunter who went on Prudhoe Bay Motorcycle Adventure

Exceeded all our expectations!
Doug Whitaker

Phil and his crew ran an excellent tour! Our group had a great time and enjoyed every minute of our Alaskan adventure. I most appreciated Phil's passion for riding and his knowledge of "off the beaten path" locations.
Jon Kirkpatrick who went on Northern Lights Adventure Tour

The riding was good and the scenery unsurpassed.
Christen Neuhauser from RoadRUNNER Magazine who went on Northern Expedition Motorcycle Adventure Tour

Alaska truly is the last frontier and this day, each mile brought another breathtaking scene. "Alaska - The Last Frontier"
Brian Rathjen from Backroads Motorcycle Travel and Adventure Magazine who went on Best of Alaska Motorcycle Tour

A dualsport is the only way to go in Alaska, some of the best scenery is found off-road and you can make good time while having a blast. "North to Alaska ....and Pie"
Kevin O'Shaughnessy from City Bike

I will always remember this place. "Alaska North to South!"
Tobin Lampson from DualSport News who went on Northern Expedition Motorcycle Adventure Tour

Alaska is so intensely remote- so unfathomably empty - it can do no less than fascinate. "Wide Awake in Alaska"
Jamie Elvidge from Motorcycle Cruiser who went on Northern Lights Adventure Tour

My overwhelming impression is one of the vastness and the sheer scale of the landscape - a bit like the South Island (of New Zealand) on steroids. "Northern Exposure: Alaska Motorcycle Touring Part 2"
Stephen Cross from who went on Northern Lights Adventure Tour

I have ridden many places but this part of the Brooks Range (Alaska) stole from me any description I may have to offer you. "Beyond the Circle Adventure Touring to Prudhoe Bay with Alaska Rider"
Brian Rathjen from Backroad Motorcycle Travel and Adventure Magazine who went on Northern Expedition Motorcycle Adventure Tour

There are a lot of niceties that come with a packaged tour like those Alaska Rider Tours offers. Not only are the guides knowledgeable of local attractions, but they can also take you to those out-of-the-way places like ghost towns not on the maps, played out gold mines, and creeks filled up with teaming salmon, well away from regular tourist routes. "Alaska Off the Road"
Dr. Gregory Frazier from Dualsport News who went on Best of Alaska Motorcycle Tour

This was the best staffed, hardest-working tour operation I've ever traveled with. "Before the Mountains Disappeared"

Larry Grodsky from Rider Magazine who went on Northern Lights Adventure Tour

The operation is run at a very relaxed pace which becomes contagious. "Tourning Japanese"
Kevin O'Shaughnessy from City Bike who went on Japan Three Island Motorcycle Tour

Riding just with women seemed more leisurely for me than riding with men, and I hope the women's Alaska tour becomes an annual event. With so little traffic and such terrific roads, it seems an ideal way for women to improve their riding skills in a no-pressure environment and meet other female motorcyclists. "Alaska Women's Ride: Babes - Bikes - Big Country"
Perri Capel from Rider Magazine who went on All Ladies Alaska Motorcycle Tour

Just when you think you've seen the most wonderful view imaginable you round a corner and get wowed by another. "Northern Exposure: Alaska Motorcycle Touring"
Stephen Cross from who went on Northern Lights Adventure Tour

The point at which I knew Freeman had steered us right and the long ride would be worth it came at the Manley Hot Springs city limits, where a large sign read, NOW ENTERING MANLEY HOT SPRINGS. NO SHOOTING. "Alaskas Outback: In search of Alaska's Best Unknown Destinations"
Lee Klancher from Motorcycle Escape Magazine

Phil knows what drives the human spirit and he won't ever let go of it. From working with him only a short time as a marketing consultant, I know he respects and fosters the best inside of people including his staff. He has a true knack for business and knows where he is strongest and where he is weakest, hiring accordingly. I would look forward to working with Phil in any capacity in the future."
Eric Anderson from MAG Motorsport Aftermarket Group

Remote Asia Travel has supported Phil Freeman and MotoQuest in Laos since 2008 and are happy to work with Phil on future projects. We've found Phil and his staff to be reliable in our business dealings and can endorse MotoQuest and Phil.

Phil has shown us that his commitment to running quality tours is genuine and honest. His jokes on the other hand...
James Barbush from Remote Asia

I'd like to give a hearty endorsement to Phil Freeman. I first met him at his shop in Anchorage. He had set up a group adventure motorcycle tour for myself and some friends. His organization was professional, helpful, and extremely competent.

His response to a problem with one of the bikes while we were in Fairbanks illustrates perfectly why so many experienced riders do repeat business with Phil. He immediately had the required parts on a plane and arrangements made with a local shop to perform the work. Dropping everything else in a busy schedule to take care of a stranded customer is typical of his operation.

My friends and I will not hesitate to use his company again.
Thor Anderson

The Arrive and Ride program offered by MotoQuest Tours is the way to go. My goal was a fun and challenging riding vacation...the tour was that and so much more. The Dakar I rode was great and any minor repairs were easily handled by the staff. The other riders in the group were fun and great riders, everyone rode at their own skill level. Each day was a new adventure and the planning by the staff allowed me to have fun riding and enjoy the vastness of Alaska. Denali, the Brooks Range, Steese Roadhouse, Yukon River Camp, Circle City...and so many more great moments.
Mike Fruciano who went on Northern Expedition Motorcycle Adventure Tour

Rhonda and I feel that your entire staff went out of their way to make our trip and adventure of a lifetime. I thank you for allowing us to use our equipment on your bikes as I feel it helped make the trip easier.
Tom Miller

Phil and his entire staff definitely went out of their way to ensure we had a great trip. From friendly emails going back and forth starting 8 months before the trip, to a rainy, Sunday rescue when one of the trip riders went off the side of the road coming back from Dawson. Financial considerations aside, MQT definitely was more concerned with us and our trip than dealing with the situation of a wrecked bike at the time. Everything was settled very fairly in the end and everyone else on the trip was very appreciative of Phil's' efforts to keep the group going. Beyond that, being in Alaska near the solstice was simply an incredible experience, even for someone that has done a fair bit of traveling around the world. In short, if you've ever thought about riding in Alaska, give Phil a call and just do it!
Jason Clement

I rode two trips organized by MotoQuest Tours in 2007 (Alaska, Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay in June and South America/Patagonia in Nov/Dec). Both trips were headed up by the expert and fun-loving guides Phil Freeman and Jeff Mariska. (The mechanic support person changed for each trip and was 100% solid).

Both trips were truly exceptional and memorable experiences for me. The people I met enhanced my life in unexpected and lasting ways, but that aspect could not have been so thoroughly enjoyed if the trips had not been run with so much attention to detail both on and off the road.

The places we stopped along the way made getting from Point A to Point B a story in the making. Our guides were prepared to troubleshoot any problem we might experience on the bike, and they had our creature comforts in mind for food and drinks at all times of the day.

Although the accommodations were not always first class due to the necessity of sometimes having to stay in the only hotel in the area, when a choice was available the comparative luxury was doubly appreciated.

I've been riding since 2003 so my skill level lagged behind others on the trip. Everyone (guides and guests) was super supportive and gave me tips that improved my riding skills which made the moments on the bike more enjoyable in all kinds of weather and road conditions.

Thanks MotoQuest for giving me some great memories and some of the best laughs of my life! I look forward to riding with you in 2008!
Jennifer Davenport who went on Patagonia End of the Earth Motorcycle Adventure Tour

The folks at MotoQuest Tours are top notch and made the trip of a life time an even better trip of a life time. My wife and I did a 16 day self guided tour and we could not have been more pleased with the accommodations, the route and the trip planning assistance. Every question/problem/concern was addressed and taken care of with ease.
We can't wait to get back to Alaska, it's hard to believe that we did SO much and still missed so much!

If you're planning a trip to Alaska, MotoQuest Tours is a MUST! They have seen it all, done it all and absolutely love exposing visitors to Alaska.
Tim Holmes

We had an unbelievable time on the first stage of the August 2007 Northern Expedition Tour.I have always wanted to see Alaska and figured a motorcycle would be the best way.

The adventure started with a wake up alarm at home at 3:00 am to catch flights from Dallas to Seattle to Anchorage arriving late in the afternoon.Caught a cab to the hotel…and walked over to Alaska Rider Tours to meet everyone and my trusty steed for the next 7 days.

To say the trip was everything I expected would be an understatement. I could not have imagined everything we saw and got to experience.From riding in pouring down rain for a couple days and then to be blessed with a sky the color of blue I have never seen before was amazing.The views were unbelievable. I took over 800 photos and they do not begin to show the colors that we saw.The fireweed, the mountains and the tundra north of the Brooks Range were something I will never forget or be able to explain to anyone unless you experience if for yourself.The guides Nicole, Rob and Kevin were fantastic. Very professional and willing to help with any problem that you may have.The other riders on this trip were amazing and we had a ton of fun both on the bikes and off. Great times and many great memories were had by all.

We rode everything from paved to gravel to dirt to mud that felt like peanut butter, and even a road that I think might have been a river.After close to 1400 miles of riding we arrived in Deadhorse and the end of the trail.I thought when I booked the trip that one stage would be enough, but I am not sure if you could ever get enough of riding in Alaska.Alaska Rider Tours handled everything great…from the bikes to the accommodations to the great friendships that were formed in just 7 short days.

Alaska was absolutely the adventure of a lifetime, and going on a motorcycle was the best way to see it.On the seat of the motorcycle we not only got to see Alaska we got to experience Alaska, from the cold and heat, rain and sunshine, gravel, dirt and mud.I will always treasure my trip to Alaska and the great experience I had with Alaska Rider Tours and will definitely be back for future adventures.
Jim Delzer who went on Northern Expedition Motorcycle Adventure Tour

I hadn't ridden for 20 odd years so was a little nervous to say the least.My friends and trip mates had more experience-some desert racers with no highway and some road riders with no dirt. After 10 minutes into it I realized this was a trip any body could do. What a blast. 1st day racing each other on gravel roads to next stop, getting road rash on new boots after some great highway woopy doos and yes...taking the ultimate embarrassment after needing everybody to help get bike out of pond!! The bikes were all 1st class-never a missed beat.It was as loose and as structured as you wanted.The guides were there if you needed them and invisible if that was what you wanted. Probably one of the most fun vactions of my life(don't tell my wife) Happy to talk to any non believers at any time.
Alister McNeill who went on Northern Expedition Motorcycle Adventure Tour

What a great way to see a part of Alaska for the first time. I am already trying to adjust my schedule for another trip with you guys. I have pulled up the trip to Inuvik at least a dozen times, and have a copy of the map sitting on my desk as I write. Our group had a fantastic experience on the Northern Lights ride. You, and your staff were prepared, and accommodating to all of us from the time we arrived, until we flew home. Everyone felt comfortable [ except Ray a couple of times @ 80+ mph ] and your attitude was great. Have fun, and if in the process something goes wrong, fix it and have more fun.
David M. Franzene who went on Northern Lights Adventure Tour

We are all still talking about this trip. It was a pleasure to deal with you right from the first call I made to you. The machines were excellent, the guiding was very professional and the scenery was unbelievable!! We felt safe and exhilarated the whole trip. It is hard to impress a group like ours as we have been all over the world but Alaska Rider Tours did just that.
Mike Draper

Hi Phil,
I wanted to say THANK YOU to you and your staff, especially Monkey, Crystal and Ben. The Northern Lights tour was amazing, (even though we never got to see the elusive Northern Lights.) Riding and exploring off the beaten path in Alaska was a dream come true. Your itinerary was fantastic, the hotels and lodges were just great, and the company could not have been better. You run a fantastic operation where the customer is treated like family and I would recommend MotoQuest Tours to anybody interested in a world class riding adventure.
Jon Kirkpatrick who went on Northern Lights Adventure Tour

MotoQuest Tours was the second opportunity as a Brit to travel America on the BMW 1200GS (first was Arizona). Amazing bike, great company to rent from and Alaska is just mindblowing. In the space of a day I was able to get out of Anchorage, down the Turnagain Arm to see the glaciers, through Moose Pass and made it down as far as Seward. The scenery, and the experience of riding in Alaska, is incredible. I'd recommend this trip, and Alaska Rider Tours, to any adventure rider.
Allan McAlinden