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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I get Medivac insurance?
Answer: MotoQuest recommends our clients protect themselves in case of unfortunate circumstances while riding with us. We encourage everyone to pursue Medivac insurance. We recommend Global Rescue. You can also add medivac insurance through as an entire package deal.
Question: What should I bring with me to Alaska?
Answer: Recommended List:


Bring your personal computer! There is internet almost every night. I am bringing a computer case, which will be put in the cab of the support truck.


Alaska is the USA, so bring electric plug-ins that work with us!


Accommodations range from disappointing to five-star


Bank machines are far and few between in Alaska. Credit cards are widely accepted.


Lots of socks and underwear! We won’t really have a chance to do laundry on the road, so please pack enough to cover you for the trip.

What temps/weather?

Expect Rain to sun from 40 degrees to 80. Have layers for all of that!

What are the bikes equipped with?

They come with side panniers and a tank bag. If you want to bring your own tank bag, no problem. If you want to attach an electric device, please come in early and do so. We have SEA electric cords on all KLRs and BMW electric hook-ups on all BMWs

Insurance on Bikes and Loss Damage Waiver:

All rental motorcycles come with basic insurance which covers the minimum requirements in Alaska. It is a "You break it, you buy it" scenario. Because of this, MotoQuest offers a Loss Damage Agreement for our riders. It is your choice to do this. It is an agreement whereby at the rate of $30 per day, you are liable for the first $1,500 worth of damage. After that, MotoQuest pays the rest of the damage.

Suggested Packing List:

Full-faced helmet (MotoQuest staff us Modular Helmets.)
Three pairs of gloves: warm weather light gloves, medium weight (leather) gloves, and heavy ski glove and rain cover (We use a three digit over-glove)
Waterproof socks – Sealskinz (originally used by kayakers, these socks are not only waterproof, but are a good insulator if your feet get cold. We can get these online or in Anchorage if you cannot find them in a store near you)
Riding suit, top and bottom, with pads. Have something that is waterproof, or bring an outer waterproof layer for rainy days. ** In Alaska, we have riding gear available for rent or purchase if you do not currently own your own gear. Please call us and let us know if you will need us to reserve the jacket, pants or both for your tour
Under coat: fleece works well, or a soft shell.
Thermal under layers, cold weather under armour or smart wool works great
Waterproof duffle bag to carry all of your clothes. We use waterproof bags during the trip. Helps with packing, carrying. Personal luggage is fine to bring on this particular trip.
Riding pants: jeans, safari pants, fleece bottoms
Waterproof riding boots (Stout boots that protect your ankle and toes and are easy to walk around in all day work best) We also have these for sale/rent in Anchorage
Neck gaiter
Comfortable shoes for after riding
Warm hat, stocking cap is nice
Personal items: clothes and toiletries (to fit into one waterproof duffle)
Swimsuit (for tours with hot springs and pools!)
After riding wear: Jeans, T-shirt, Sweatshirt. Bring sufficient shirts and pants to eat out at nice restaurant to last you one week. *Laundry facilities will be available at least once a week.
Bring a day pack if you need extra room or for walking around town.
Question: How do I make flight arrangements for your tours?
Answer: We do have a travel agent we can recommend. Please contact Sally at Alaska Travel Source., (907) 562- 2213, say you are with MotoQuest Tours
Question: Do you have helmets and gear available?
Answer: We provide helmets free of charge to our rental and tour customers in Alaska (helmet use is required by our insurance company although it is not a state law). You can upgrade to a to a modular Schuberth C3 Helmets for $20 per day.
In Alaska and Canada, we also have Olympia Moto Sports rental suits available for $30 per day (please contact us in advance to secure your sizing).

Gloves? We do have some gloves available at our shop in Alaska (first come, first served)
Boots? We have Gaerne riding boots available for rent for $10 per day in Alaska ONLY (please contact us in advance to secure your sizing).

If you like, you can always ship your own gear ahead to our facilities.
Question: What other costs should I budget for in addition to the tour cost?
Answer: Each tour has an inclusive and exclusive section that you should read thoroughly. In general a few additional expenses you can expect to be responsible for are your airfare, food, beverages, gas, additional insurance, and additional activities.
Question: Can I ship my gear ahead for the tour?
Answer: You are welcome to ship gear ahead on most of our tours. Please check with the lead guide for the tour you are joining for a mailing address.
Question: Should I arrive early?
Answer: It is always a good idea to arrive early to allow time for things like lost luggage and jet lag. This is also a good time to pick up souvenirs and do some additional off the bike activities.
Question: What about those Alaskan mosquitos?
Answer: The stories are blown way out of proportion, although they can be a bit bothersome at times. If they are bothering you, the best defence is 100% deet.
Question: What about those Alaskan Bears?
Answer: Although bears in Alaska can be dangerous the drivers in Alaska pose a much more serious threat. Some common sense and not approaching or feeding bears should keep you safe. If it makes you feel better, you can take a can of bear spray along.
Question: Do I need dirt riding experience to ride to Prudhoe Bay?
Answer: Yes. We definitely recommend that you have dirt riding experience for any tour that travels on dirt/gravel roads. The ride to Prudhoe Bay can be very muddy in the rain and in construction Zones. There is also sections of deep gravel and broken pavement to travel over. We offer several tours at different difficulty levels. Please call us and we can suggest a tour that fits your riding ability.
Question: What temperature should I expect when riding in Alaska?
Answer: We suggest you should be prepared to ride between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (between 4 and 26 degrees Celsius)