Alaska Rider Tours is MotoQuest


Akrider is MotoQuest

MotoQuest is Alaska Rider Tours (akrider)

Alaska Rider Tours was started by Phil Freeman in 1998, and has been providing motorcycle tours and motorcycle rentals in Alaska. "MotoQuest" is a company that Phil started in 2008 to conduct International Motorcycle Tours, since the idea of "Alaska Rider" going to Laos sounds a bit funny.

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The staff, attitude, location and service of MotoQuest is the same as Alaska Rider Tours....only, we are changing our name with our new tour schedule.

We started in Alaska, and base ourselves out of Anchorage. We provide premium motorcycle adventure tours, self-guided tours, and independent motorcycle rentals in Alaska.

MotoQuest also provides world class motorycle adventures world-wide. We offer tours in the USA, Canada, Japan, Laos, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Chile, India and England.

We're the same people running the same business we always have. We're now also providing the 'Alaska Rider' experience worldwide under the name of 'MotoQuest'.

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